Funkilogeez (free_styler33) wrote,

Wise man said

I've learnt one thing, the more you work the more you can. It's about the gap and the big cross. If you work hard carrying the heavy cross on your back, at the end you'll get your fortune - pass the gap by putting the cross through, its size will be enough to walk along the gap.

So, if you have such teachers-bridges in your life, you should appreciate this fact as the gold.

I've always dreamt of having my guru who would teach me how to live.

And it comes now that I have lots of friends who can better than me think and get the world moving.

It you see my surrounding today, they are all successful people.

I've chosen them like the pearls on my way of life.

So, be wise and do not omit the people who makes for you the examples of how to cross the gaps.


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