Funkilogeez (free_styler33) wrote,

Communicative skills

Doing my job I practice my communicative skills.

In my time Nonna said that communicative skills are the most important for the person.

I was searching for training such skills in my ordinary life and I noticed that many people used them very well due to bringing up in the family.

So, I made the conclusion that communicative skills are given to us for free with the culture and morality in the family.

The development in its meaning specifies only those features which are missed in such life of the family.

I guess that Platon treats the people applying maximum of his efforts, because he's actively combining the outstanding ways of reaching the goal with the traditional ones.

By outstanding ways I mean the acquired during life process knowledge of life and people. And by traditional ways I mean his family background.

Fortunately, I have my own programme for comminucation. It can be formulated as 'General details of success'.

It means that for good communication you should have good feelings inside yourself.

For this task we have lots of yoga and other spirit motivating practices.

If we are strong in our souls, we can solve with success any problem.

We all have the chance to win.

The only thing we need is being nice with people.

I'm obviously not a pastor, but I've come to such a conclusion during my life.

My Mom says it is called 'life experience'.

So are the comminicative skills.


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