Funkilogeez (free_styler33) wrote,


In my life I follow Steve's advice - Don't listen to your surrounding, do as you think and want.

When I was poor in 2010 (sometimes I lived for 5000 rubles per month), I had a comfortable flat, my notebook which I bought in credit, a kettle with coffee, and my time at nights.

This simple things made my success.

You'll be suprised but I earned my first million as a Nobel Prize in literature.

So, I got a serious request from society.

My days became meaningful.

The next prize which I got from Steve made my life verdict.

I can't imagine what my life will be when we go to Ekb.

I just know that life would give me the new challenge, and I'll have to make it come true.

So, we still have a debt before the world for our future.

It's amazing what we gonna do to pay it.


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