Funkilogeez (free_styler33) wrote,

To Prince Harry

Dear Harry,

We've been looking for opening the store together with you, as it was planned before.

But I've heard that you returned to London, and soon is planning to move to some other place for living.

I can imagine the efforts of yours and Megan's to build your own life reflecting your new reality.

And I see that you are a little bit lost on your way.

If you look at my situation, you can see that we have a clear plan for our place of living (Ekb).

As far as I understand, you haven't got such a plan yet.

So, try to analyse the situation correctly.

I think, the best place for you is yours or Magan's native country.

You may move for example to Scotland or Miami, and do it for the future of your children and your job.

In this connection, I think that your children will feel safe and you'll also be happy.

I wish you and Magan to take a right decision.

Yours truly,


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