November 21st, 2011


Jadai's laserslabber

I found this stick-subject in my Aunt Tanya's Royal office. She asked me: Alyon, how is that thing in Russian?
I said: A sword.
- No, she rejected. There is another name for it.
I took a box and read: Jadai's laserslabber.
I said: It's Jadai's stick.
- Oh, yeah!! This is exactly what I wanted to say, but I forgot the word. She got happy.

Prelude Ma Philosophy (Platonizm)


What else? Questions?

I like my English. As I like to say - I get bang out of things.
It's for my school and my favorite teacher the candidate of pedagogical science Nonna Mikhailovna Skalchinskaya.
She died (her Alma Mater is in Minsk) about 8-9 years ago when my head was stuffed with my clinic in Belorussia.
I want to visit her resting place, it's my debt.

She taught me to be creative. It was her style and method of teaching.
She marked me among others most of all,  just for this habit. And after graduation I was offered a position of English assistant at the Chair of Oriental Languages at Sakhalin State University where she was a Head.
Our ex-Dean Mr. Mikhail Bok praised me like a pearl. He liked me as well. 
And when in 1998 I told him that I want to live the Chair, he said: You can't. I answered: I can.
These were my last words.


Time had passed.
As I grew older I remembered his words. Sometimes I thought I was wrong,  I had a feeling I must be back.
I returned to the teaching after a 10 and a half year.  

I could realize my dream and correct my mistake due to one event. My escape from home in 2008. After I came back home I understood I want something different - to try a life of a pilgrim as I lived that week outdoors. And I applied for an administrator in hotel. 

I was lucky - It was September, I put on my rosy top and white Sasch jacket, I looked damned attractive. I worried a little bit,
I never worked in the service sector, it was new and exciting.


These occurred to be my best career years (if we can believe Tosh's words).
I trained my communicative skills, one more thing which I continuously learned from Nonna. She taught me the things I successfully trusted to my life and I want to use this knowledge in my future. If I had a chance I would become a teacher again.

I like your intuition and opinion about me. 

Yours truly,