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Вчера я просто обалдела от форума ФНС.
Есть конечно, у нас в стране умные люди, никто не спорит.
Но чтобы так увлеченно размышлять и рассуждать о доверии в предверии выборов...мдя.

Вот Кайси - коротко и ясно - еботня. 
Учусь лаконичности. Точность - прерогатива королей. Вот, кстати и она - легка на помине:)

Экскурс в ближайшее будущее.

- Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Peter. Peter Magoulick. I am a CEO of Exxon Mobile Department in Sakhalin. So, what's your name?

- Oh, (fuck) hi Peter! Haven't seen you for ages! How is it going?

- Elena, be serious, this is not an office of Urban, this is my cabinet, and you are an applicant for work, what's your business? (fuck)
Short of money?

- No. I am just practicing my new way of living up. I want to try something new, this is a good opportunity for me to change my bleak reality into a fantastic adventure, work has always given me inspiration. I was on a leave from it after my marriage, and now I want to restore my health ) working for Exxon. 

- A-ha... And what  to you to restore means?

- /// I want to be helpful again and feel my self accomplished.

- OK. I've got what you mean. Let's talk about your salary. How much do you expect me to pay you, if you, say, has applied for the position of an administrative assistant in my office, I have a vacant desk?

- Oh, Peter, (fuck you), how much can you offer me?

- I think you'd better say your price and we will discuss it a little bit.

- I guess in the range of 70 thousand rubles, taking into consideration, that I'll manage the business of CEO of Exxon Mobile Department in Sakhalin, what do you say?

- OK> That suits me)) Let's have a last question/// How well do you know the politics and background of the company you are going to work with?

- Oh, Peter, it's my favorite question. I've always been loyal to Exxon since my first steps in this company, you know.
I apprise its principles to be the best-working ideas in the world business, I mean its innovation and goals. I want to be a leader of these ideas, bringing my part of job in striving for quality and enjoyment of people working here. I like my future position and I believe I can be the best employee in some years. It's my dream.

- OK> Thanks, Elena. I will think it up and call you in the nearest future. Do you have any questions?

- Yes. Is there a canteen in your office building or you dine outside?

- We have a cafe downstairs. It works from 12 midday and you can have your lunch without leaving anywhere. Anything else?

- No, I was just curious about this thing. Thank you.

- Thanks and bye-bye.

- Bye.

 Может я чё то и забыла, Магулик? )***
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