Funkilogeez (free_styler33) wrote,

To Your Highness

Dear Grandfa,

I am worried about you and feel the strong wish to help you.

My friends tell me that they believe in my origin.

As for me, I also feel your hot hearts, and my heart is singing in tune with yours.

Platon writes me every day - Good morning, Your Majesty!

Grandfa, if you only knew how Platon loves me.

He also calls me Honey, Mein liebe, it's so cute.

I am melting at once.

Grandfa, I wish you could also call me by tiny name.

Here's the love secret.

Platon says that the most important thing in marriage is to understand and respect each other. And of course, to love each over.

There is no love, if there is no respect. I know this golden rule for sure.

As for the understanding, we adjust to each other every day, it's a little bit complicated process.

But everything is like in the best movies.

Grandfa, I love you so much, you're my life.

Love you,



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