Funkilogeez (free_styler33) wrote,


Platon says that I am cute, when I ask him if I am nice.

He says he never suspected that would fall in love with me so much.

Platon thought of me as an unapproachable rock, when we first met.

And he considered me as a good friend, nothing personal, in other words.

Now, when he knew me better, he surrounded me with warmth and care, and feels sorry about our parting in 2008.

13 years has passed since that moment, and the new day has unexpectedly come.

Platon only now has understood the meaning of our love affair.

He began the new life when came back to Sakhalin.

What if we get the new Era in our relations now, after 13 years of departure?

It's time to go to our happiness.


  • Берега

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