Funkilogeez (free_styler33) wrote,

Wedding shoes

Were bought by me in May 2008 for 1500 roubles in Mandarin (Vostok).

For wedding with Platon.

I took them with me when I run away from home in August.

I was carrying a big red bag with them.

I sat on the grass in the square in front of the Regional Library and dialed Platon.

I said - I want to go to you.

He answered - We'll see.

And I dropped the idea of flying to Ekb when the time came.

I thought - He does not wait for me, why should I go?

And I turned back home.

The parents were happy to see me.

I laid in my clean fresh bed and forgot everything.

Then there was Panorama.

I opened the new page in my life.

You know, babe, I had everything in my life but real love.

I want to live with you, because I know how strong you love me.

It would be magestic.

I have nothing to wish any more.


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